Monday, January 16, 2006

November 11th 2002

Hi, Everyone

Things here are fine enough. Actually I am having some beginning successes in my primary project. I have been helping a few of the teachers to type of tests for the end of the semester. Hopefully up to half of the students will this time be able to take finals that are neatly typed instead of hand written. I have been very busy teaching how to use the computer and prepare the papers. Even when they are typed up though I have been reformatting and doing spelling and grammar corrections and most people know my spelling and grammar are not even as good as they should be. J Although I admit I did spend about two months on teaching solitaire to the teachers it has only taken about three weeks for some of them to learn how to type up papers on the computer. This is of course though with my constant supervision and guidance in what to do and how to do it.

I am still amazed though how it is that they can be so slow to learn how to use the computer but still be so musically talented as a whole. Some of the teachers can have to be told time and time again how the backspace works or how to bold, underline, or italicize. Still though at the same time many of the teachers can hear a song that I am playing for the first time that they have not heard before and before the song is finished be able to sing along with the singer in tune and harmony so beautifully.

The weather here is warming up and I am in the midst of the rainy season. I know the temperatures though in America are getting cooler and what I feel like I have to say about that is, I am here and your not, haha. But seriously I did have to go through two winters back to back so I am really glad to have some nice weather.

I am enclosing a picture of the night watchman’s sister who is often times seen just sitting in front of the school day in and day out. I recently found out that part of that might be because she is always getting stoned but she is a great picture of an older Basotho woman who has earned the title of respect of ”N’khono” which would be translated to English as simple grandma but here in a country where few people live to be very old is considered to be an honorably title.

Love ya’ll, Jeff


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